Transuranic Elements is a new body of work resulting from my residency with The New Art Gallery Walsall in late 2022 early 2023. The residency was linked with Sophia-Layla Asfar who was resident artist at Indus Valley institute for art and architecture. Karachi Pakistan. With an exhibition of both of our work at the institute.

The final duo show is in early 2024 at NAGW where both of our final works will intermingle.

Artist Studio at The New Art Gallery Walsall (mid experiment) 2023

I wanted to center the work around the notion of Trans Joy. With all the hatred stirred up to scapegoat trans people it can be easy at points to forget why we are transitioning. Because we want to live, to breathe to be able to be in our own skins without feeling the need to cry and disappear. If there is a trans agender its simply to be allowed to live.

I began the residency looking into the idea of the lunar cycle as its something which more closely tracks onto the natural world and like it or not transness is inherently part of the natural world. So I began playing with the idea of the moon acting as a symbol of trans identity & because it’s kinda tricky to put the moon in a studio I started using mirror balls as stand-ins for the moon.

Mirror ball is one of thirteen short films I made as a result of my time in residency at the New Art Gallery Walsall. all 13 alongside their corresponding digital collages where exhibited in Karachi. The final work will include a feature length film bringing together all 13 films plus the additional material linking it all together.

Post performance / filming shot 2023