I got to visit the labs and speak with the scientists attached to the project at UOB main campus. It was an invaluable experience getting to explore ideas around AI and ANN (Artificial Neural Networks).

  • Can Ai operate in multiple different ways to reach the same answer?
  • Is there space for Ai to be more than a reinforcement of Neurotypical thought patterns or will it be just another system for Nurodiverse brains to convert?
  • How can Ai link in scent or memory to build it’s connections?
  • Will it ever look at a cloud and see the multitude of patterns and shapes we see?
  • Will Ai ever dream of electric sheep?

Building on the initial tests and experiments I’ve learnt Unreal Engine 5 a 3d world building program and built a 3d environment from 3d scans of props, costumes and clay sculptures. The plan is to film elements within this 3d space and combine them with other footage.