June 2024 with 4 other artists I’ll be in residency at Ugly Duck as part of their Disturbance program. Using this opportunity to test out new early stage work centered around disabled access both physically and thematically.

Submerged – Location shooting – Near Dungeness – filming by Claire Unsworth

When the seas finally recede and this planets new jellyfish custodians wash ashore what will they make of the world we left behind?

Run Riot Interview –

This year, @Disturbance features five artists: Alex Billingham, Samiir Saunders, Ace Rahman, Kobi Essah Ayensuo and Ella Frost, performing live and on giant video screens. @Distrubance is entirely artist-led and is curated by Deen Atger. Other contributions come courtesy of Lucy Nurnberg who will design the exterior installation, Mahalia Henry-Richards taking care of graphic design, set designer Knives, who has a film background and poet Oduenyi Nwike lending their multifaceted skills to @Disturbance as a key part of the team.

Ugly Duck Creative Director and founder of @Disturbance Deen Atger says: “This year we look forward to seeing our regular, fabulous @Disturbance crowd as well as new audiences discovering our work. We’re partnering with disabled-led organisations Care-fuffle and Shape Arts to embark on a journey around accessibility. All artists will create new work where captioning, audio description and BSL translation will not only be embedded but considered as the work is being created. By employing livestream, projections and other technologies, we aim to explore and learn what accessibility can mean and look like for artists and audiences. Through this edition of @Disturbance we question how to make this an integral part of the show, rather than approaching it as an afterthought, so that we can not only come together but show up for each other as a larger community.”