ANNA is the result of a year long residency with the university of Birmingham’s SMQB program. Linking artists with scientific groups researching new area. with the aim of both feeding into each other to lead the research into new areas.

My residency was with researchers Jianbo Jiao (Computer Science), Ole Jensen (Psychology) and Cai Wingfield (Advanced Research Computing) for the ‘Spatio-temporal Dynamic in Human Brain and Artificial Neural Network’ project.

Basically how Ai’s and humans see the world.

I thought a lot about it and decided I wanted to make the work without any Ai visual art applications. Ai is imbedded in so much software it’s impossible to avoid but I didn’t want to simple get Chat GPT to write me a script and feed it into another Ai program.

I did build a 3d world game in unreal engine as I knew I needed that particular visual language which only comes from programs like blender / unreal engine. This was my first time even opening the program and was a very steep learning curve but I’m now comfortable making a computer game.

I was more interested in mimicking the Ai, copying it, copying us. Once this film eventually gets swept up in it’s great trawling nets it’ll be interesting to see how it alters Ai’s.

Filming Location was by kind permission of Winterbourne House and gardens.

Screenshot of accompanying computer game.