Fluid Bodies Is a space for my practice to grow and experiment. Taking risks and seeing how I connect to the world. It’s somewhere I can be freer in my approach and a home for various random elements.

We escape identification and overlap our identities. Fluid bodies is the notion that who we are doesn’t exist as a fixed point. Rather inhabiting a constantly shifting landscape, affected by a thousand micro factors every moment. Using my own identities as Trans Queer and Crip as a starting point. Is this all I am? Of course not but its an initial handle to understand how these factors alter how I exist and how they interact.

Fluid Bodies is meant to be the space I use to explore new ground and ways of working. Allowing space for awkward movements to dance and crash. Following on from the Jerwood 1 to 1 bursary I did with Rosanna Cook where we looked at the intersection of dance and disability. I’m using this space to understand how I can work with and collide into dance within my practice. How does movement choreographed by an untrained disabled individual look? Allowing space for my to bring my voice more to the front of my work and claim ownership of my own intersectionality.

Fluid bodies sliding in and out of one another existing within the moment the notion of bodies being fixed is unnatural.
Our form is constantly shifting altering changing we are never the same person from one second to the next. Molecules replace molecules thoughts replace thoughts.
Identity’s overlap and overlay shunting one another across seeping into each other. We are not one fixed person one fixed identity. An easily identified unit and nothing more. The notion of singular is drilled down into us from before birth because it’s easy because its lazy because it’s cheap because it’s sellable and because it will hurt us.
Dysphoria and euphoria collide and intermingle. Learning how to flirt with both comes with experience. It will both get harder and easier over time. Experience helps navigate these dangerous waters.
Your experience is unique and precious live every moment of it. Remember that you are not alone this is not a new movement A sudden aberration A change from the norm. Our histories and identity’s are Being eroded as they have always been. But we are as natural as the rocks and seas.

You are loved and you are beautiful.

For Trans day of Visibility 2022 I’ve made a simple piece of work as a love letter to my Trans siblings across the globe.

These words represent my own privileged experience of being a white Trans fem within the UK and all the protections that offers me.

January 2022 Rosanna Cook and Alex Billingham went to Scarborough to explore how their practices could interchange ideas. Rosanna wanted to see how dance manifests in none dancers bodies while Alex was egger to investigate how they could incorporate dance and movement into their disabled body.

Metamorphic (Traces) is more a scrapbook of that experience than a piece of work in itself. It acts as a trace memento of the time considering these ideas and how the environment became the hidden third partner in this dance.

The experiences and performative acts on a cold beach in Scarborough are not represented here but rather a trace element of the feelings and emotions felt. The actual acts exist in the memories of the participants and a few happily bemused locals and their dogs.

This would not have been possibly without the Jerwood 1 to 1 fund.