In late 2020 I decided to make a new piece of work with Photoshop each week. Sounds easy but I gave myself a few basic rules. I had a maximin of 45 minuets to make each piece and upload it to the internet. I couldn’t save the folder so once it was done there was no going back and fixing it and most importantly each time I had to try something new or that I was unfamiliar with each time.

As much as anything I wanted to learn Photoshop better as while I’m very comfortable making films with it I rarely use it for anything other than posters.

No thing can hurt you now. 2021

Tinkering with singularity. 2021

Transuranic Elements. 2021

The Frisch-Peierls memorandum. 2021

I used to dream. 2021

Solstice. 2021

Every single night I dream about you. 2020.