Hear the Sirens call

Come one come all and see the marvelous Arctic Sirens!

Commissioned for Birmingham weekender 2021 by Birmingham Hippodrome. Performed for 14 hours over 2 days.

Performers include Rosanna Cook / Craig David Parr / Emily Scarrott / Vicky Roden / Paul Aleksander and myself.

These creatures frozen in the Arctic tundra for millennia have thawed out to visit their sister, Birmingham’s very own Floozy in the Jacuzzi.

A short 15 min performance very much in the style of American sea life centers / shows. Which was repeated every half hour to allow for a maximum number of people to enjoy it and then move on to another part of the festival.

This brand-new bespoke performance for Birmingham weekender was drawn from my ongoing research into the melting polar ice caps, our nuclear heritage, and our relationship with the sea.  It was a fun bright performance that entertained and delighted the crowds, young and old alike. With many people coming back with friends / family later to show them.

Installation shot / mid performance. By Vicky Roden

Post show pr pic of very tired performers. By Vicky Roden

Installation shot by Paul Aleksander.

Roll up roll
See the creatures so evil that they were cast into the very depths of the Arctic. The legendary legerdemain, Horrendous harbingers of hilarity, The infinitely infantile, Tremendous toddlers of tedium, Encapsulated for an eternity. Now they return to wreck their terrible vengeance upon us all. The dread Arctic Sirens

Cast into the icy grip of the Artic they have been awakened by our foolish melting of the polar ice caps.
If only we had known that such terrors lay beneath the surface. Would we really have been so silly as to release them?
Freed from their ancient prison. Now they hunt in packs for their long-lost sister.
The most maleficent manifestation of malignancy this side of the milky way.
The awe some Floozie in the jacuzzi!

Have you seen the fearsome Floozie in the janky Jacuzzi? Can you help the Artic Sirens find their lost sister? Where is that Floozie?
Please do not attempt to feed the Arctic Sirens, we’ve lost more Siren wranglers that way. It’s a dangerous job but if I don’t do it they may decide to break out of their unnatural habitat and devour us all.
Wish me luck
And if I don’t make it remember to run.