At the start of 2019 there were 13,865 active nuclear warheads known to be in existence.

Nuclear Tides examines our delicately fractured relationship with Nuclear technology and why we cannot afford to assign it to the history books. Viewing the subject from a genderqueer perspective to allow for a more relevant reading for 2019.

Little Boi is all grown up and has nowhere to go. As Nuclear Armageddon approaches join me on a sensory exploration into the nature of fear and hope.

Nuclear tides is a response to my current research on the area of nuclear tech, it has been informed by a summer camp with Eastside Projects and a residency with Asylum gallery.

Come in out of the harsh cold of a Nuclear Winter to help me celebrate the end of the world.


# Hexagon Theatre

# The Midlands Arts Centre

# November 22nd, 2019

# Doors open 7:15pm

# 7:30 start

For more information please visit


Arctic Siren 30 / 03 /18


Promo Video for a performance at Vivid Projects as part of this years Black Hole Club launch. 30 / 03 / 18 6 – 8 pm.

As the Arctic Tundra melts it unfreezes the Arctic Sirens and their looking for a new home among the frozen wastes of Art galleries. WARNING!!! do not fee or copulate with the Arctic Sirens.


O sweet DELIA!



As part of Black Hole Club’s event Transmission I performed as the Queen of the BBC’s iconic Radiophonic Workshop Delia Derbyshire. The spirit of Delia uses outdated tech to mourn the death of analogue. Playing upon her excessive love of wine she drank away the night while inviting the audience to join her in smashing cd’s. ‘The vile digital replacement’.

Thanks to David Checkley for his invaluable help resurrecting the Theremin.

Transmission was Curated by Antonio Roberts and featured work by Jeff Kolar, Coral Manton, Daniel Hopkins, David Checkley, John Bradburn, Michael Lightborne, Patrick Goodall, Pete Ashton, Rebecca Mahay, Sian Macfarlane, and Vicky Roden.

see www.vividprojects.org.uk/ for more information.

Hfwas Knees up – Bird man

For the HFWAS Knees up I was invited to make a fun piece reminiscent of childhood tales around the piano with nanna. Given that easter was fast approaching I decided to make a live version of the Cadbury egg bird whose bright colours and manic behaviour filled my youth. The bird man went about causing mischief and passing out chocolate eggs after smashing them on his head.

LUNG PROTECTOR at The Art Yard / Cradley Heath



a three week painting exhibition runs until the 23rd

It plays with the glamorisation of warfare and in particular the dehumanising effect early designs of gas mask. The show also pulls upon childhood fears and fascinations, playing in the attic and finding an old gas mask in the half light.

Five paintings now sold.

LUNG PROTECTOR runs from the 3rd until the 23rd of April and is then followed by ‘Blessed be the Yeti’ a experimentation of ideas for an upcoming project 24th till the 30th. Private view 27th 6 – 8


Black hole club Launch Night. 03/03/17

I’m happy to announce as a new member of Black hole club I’ll be performing ‘Glistening Scum’ for this years launch night.

Organised by Vivid Projects and featuring work by Pete Ashton, David Checkley, Elizabeth Cuffley, Ferric Lux, Patrick Goodall, Barry Griffiths, Jaime Jackson, Sian Macfarlane, David Poole, Kate Spence and Sarah Walden.


So come along and join me in the tub if you dare. http://www.vividprojects.org.uk/programme/black-hole-club-launch/