ICEWORM takes the form of a feature length film currently in final filming and early editing the film is set to be released late 2020.

Initial filming began in Norfolk and the surrounding area in early 2020 with additional location filming in the Midlands before the outbreak of Covid 19. Since Lockdown the filming has moved into the studio. Representing a major move forward in my practice and my first large scale film project. This is acting a test ground in which to develop how I work with film.

ICEWORM pulls together notions of memory and how we continue to store and access data. Teasing out the possibilities of Liquid Data Stores in relation to flooding of the seed bank. Looking in particular at how queer history could be recorded and received in a more emotive way, while limiting the use of verbal and written language to reduce the inherent redundancy and partly remove the barriers language imposes.

Location shooting in Norfolk, 2020

Still from the upcoming trailer