Super Critical Fluids

The Dispensary


A new Solo show of Alex Billingham’s work around how we intertwine with Nuclear technology with particular relation to queer narratives and Trans / Crip Identities.

PV 22nd April 4 – 6pm

Exhibition runs 25/04/22  – 27/05/22  Open Mon – Fri 11 – 3

Since the shock and hype of our first interaction with Nuclear technology we’ve come to enjoy the notion of post-apocalyptic landscapes. Viewing them as places to play out our fantasies and explore fictional narratives to play out. Why is Fallout so popular? because it is far removed from the reality of Post Nuclear landscapes. Threads the 1984 film is possibly the closest we’ve yet got to understanding how a real post nuclear landscape might look if we had minimal Nuclear exchange. Which terrifyingly makes Threads bleak outlook seem optimistic.

For me personally being physically disabled I know even in this “optimistic” narrative I would not survive for long. As I’ve been completing the work for this exhibition the dreadful conflict in Ukraine has been playing out. Amongst the multiple war crimes of Putin has been the dangerous attack on Chernobyl. Unfortunately making this exhibition horribly more relevant.

So much of our cultural history with Nuclear technology has been carved out by and for the Cis White Male. I feel its vitally important that other voices and views unpack this material and consider how we might take it forward into the future. I’m also concerned with Queer erasure and how this can be combatted going forward. Liquid Data stores, the flooding of the seed bank, tidal cycles, space exploration, drag and identity. All of these and more feed into the work.

The Dispensary Gallery  –  49 Regents Street   –   Wrexham   – LL11 1PF

Disabled access via ramp at rear of the building.