Alex Billingham

ICEWORM My new feature length film is now available to view on Vimeo.

Artist Statement

I’m a genderqueer artist born in the Black Country. I trained at Cumbria Institute of the Arts before returning to the West Midlands to work as a freelance curator and performance artist. My work mixes performance, endurance, visual arts, film, sound and installation in an often visceral yet playful way.

I’m intrigued by the points where technology and our fear of it meet, with a particular fascination with the fetishization of Nuclear dread in Western media. Revisiting how we connect with it through a queer perspective. Research and experimentation are at the core of my practice, learning any skills necessary to take ideas forward while allowing time for the research to bleed back into my work.

Enjoying an analogue approach to manipulating digital technology allows me to realize a low-fi visual style, binding grime with glitter to make beautifully dirty work. I use a mix of technology from homemade Theremins to Digital Synthesizers to build up audio landscapes to augment my visual work. Recreating the Radiophonic soundscapes drawn from childhood memories of Dr Who, Quatermass and Children of the stones which nurtured an obsession with outdated hopes for the future.

As my mobility gradually decreases due to a climbing injury, I push myself to see where the borderlines of my body are, stripping away all my supports to leave a tender and violent performance. Touching on highly personal issues such as gender and body dysmorphia in a way the audience can easily relate to.

Currently working as associate curator for Vivid Projects Live program and as co-director of FailBetter, running their residency program. I’m a Black Hole Club alumnus and a member of Eastside Projects EOP. I’ve performed nationally for ]performancespace[ -Folkestone, Little Wolf Parade -Nottingham, Word of Warning -Manchester, Edited Arts -London and SHOUT – Birmingham. Now part of The New Art Gallery Walsall’s permanent collection.

Reiterating the need for vulnerability.