Queer Atomic Survival Bunker

Q . A . S . B .

The first experimental QASB’s construction has now been completed at a secret location in the West Midlands UK.  QASB’s will be rolled out to Gallery triolets near you.

So why a Queer Atomic Survival Bunker?

I want to share that feeling of a safe space where anyone can feel comfortable to be themselves. I have a fascination with Nuclear Technology, and it felt a natural fit. In the 1950s – 1980’s Fallout shelters where a common thing and while practically they were as useful as a hessian sack, they provided the important function of allowing people to feel more at ease and find a way to get through a worrying time.

Hopefully the Q.A.S.B. will provide the same function not just for people discovering their own gender identity but also anyone feeling uncomfortable in crowds after such a long time of isolation. So many times when I meet people IRL now it’s the same thing trying to work out again how to interact with other people. We’re all at appoint where we need to give ourselves a break and realize that it’s OK not to be OK with things right now and that things you could do before lockdown are now so difficult.

Beyond the current situation I’m hoping people will continue to allow themselves the space to be able to say no I’m not OK and I need a few minuets and that people will continue to be understanding.

For me toilets have always been safe spaces. I realize this isn’t always the case but at parties events etc. the toilet / kitchen / stairwell etc. have been the space the get away from the masses and take a moment to hunker down. It’s also a place where I’ve met some of the best humans from lending lipstick and reassurance to checking your ok after your heel breaks off at an event.

When I was beginning to figure out my gender identity Toilets were a vital space I would walk in wearing male clothing and walk out again as myself. While I got a lot of looks and a few comments generally people were fine and often supportive. In the sheltered space of the toilets the UBER MACHO exterior could be dropped as long as their mates weren’t about. Often it would lead to interesting conversations and more than once seeing them down Hurst Street the next week.

Remember FORGET Remember to forget

The ash fell softly upon the polycarbonate sheets patterned by weather that would no longer descend. Growing by the moment till it blotter out what little light remained, once their had been so very much light that it filled the space behind their eyes and warmed even the coldest of winter shows.

Soon it would all pass into brittle memory.

So they bound, tucked, strapped and packed for if they were to enter into oblivion they would do so with a might growler.

Dancing away their last fleeting moments with the fading twilight.