Music BoXXX

Music BoXXX

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Hello thanks for watching the trailer for Music BoXXX a 60 to 90 min film featuring an all queer cast and crew. Using the backdrop of vintage sci-fi aesthetics to explore how we process our nuclear heritage and future through a queer prism.

Using the 1984 tv series Box of Delights as a compass to navigate through Arctic Sirens released from the melting polar ice caps, queer reinterpretations of the classic post-apocalyptic survivor trope, The fear of dehumanization by corporate mechanization and how Glam space octopuses may well be our only hope.

If you’d like to see more then I’m going to need your help.

My name is Alex Billingham I’m a Live artist and film maker from the West Midlands UK. I love vintage sci-fi and my favorite color is teal. Last year during Covid 19 I made my first feature length film ICEWORM. I made it on zero budget, by myself with barely any location shooting.


While it was an amazing experience and big learning curve, it was very tough and I now want to do it all over again.

This time I want to work with other performers to free me up to be behind the camera and get in as much location shooting as possible. To broaden the scope of the work I make. In order to do this, I really need your help to raise the funds to pay for performers time, location shoots, costumes, sets, props and my time.

I’m asking for £3,000 to produce the film. I know times are difficult so if you can’t afford to chip in please share the link, the more people that help out the more I can do and If I’m lucky enough to exceed the target any extra will be put into paying for more of the performers time.

Thank you.

Alex Billingham

UPDATE – As I’ve got less funding then needed I’m taking a slower approach to the project grabbing filming when and where I can but am still amassing footage and hope to begin editing towards the tail end of 2022. I have a few filming trips planned for early 2022. Thank you again to everyone whos supported the project so far. X