Vultan’s ALIVE!

Thanks to Aleksander Wojtulewicz for his help in making this piece happen.

It’s important that work can be misread as this offers more insights but if work is too obtuse with nothing for the audience to enjoy if they don’t connect with the idea then its not for me. There must always be something for people to take away from the experience.

This is a highly personal piece about my relationship to faith. I ceased being a christian over ten years ago a subject I’ve chosen to leave alone for a decade so as not to make knee jerk reactionary work with little value. While there’s a lot informing the choices of materials and actions used within the piece I’ll limit myself to the main plan for the people who want to find out in more detail what is behind this piece.

Aleks played the part of Vultan – how the Yeti would view Brian Blessed as a vengeful god and bringer of avalanches. As he climaxed at the start I came into action. at this point our performances split, Alek portrayed Creationism restarting once he tired of people while I went through the stages of evolution. The lemon pelting halfway through this process was in reference to the Cambrian explosion an evolutionary event. Once the evolution was completed I washed the feet of the Blessed – Vultan.

After this point the performance was about me emerging from the shadow of my fallen faith to become myself with all of my failings and strengths. to quote Peaches – ‘Every little defect gets respect.’ finally breaking down the performance barrier and rejoining people.

It was a complex piece by it’s nature using gender / self esteem / sexuality / playfulness and much more to form the work. Every item used was carefully chosen – for example the lemons used in the Cambrian explosion represented the influence of Riot Grrrl and strong feminist influences in my life.

Images by Nick Hyman

Performed 06/10/17 as part of Real Fabrications at Stryx as part of Fierce takeover.