O Sweet Delia


As part of Black Hole Club’s event Transmission I performed as the Queen of the BBC’s iconic Radiophonic Workshop Delia Derbyshire. The spirit of Delia uses outdated tech to mourn the death of analogue. Playing upon her excessive love of wine she drank away the night while inviting the audience to join her in smashing cd’s. ‘The vile digital replacement’.

Thanks to David Checkley for his invaluable help resurrecting the Theremin.

Transmission was Curated by Antonio Roberts and featured work by Jeff Kolar, Coral Manton, Daniel Hopkins, David Checkley, John Bradburn, Michael Lightborne, Patrick Goodall, Pete Ashton, Rebecca Mahay, Sian Macfarlane, and Vicky Roden.

see www.vividprojects.org.uk/ for more information.

Image by Antonio Roberts