Nuclear Tides

At the start of 2019 there were 13,865 active nuclear warheads known to be in existence.

Nuclear Tides examines our delicately fractured relationship with Nuclear technology and why we cannot afford to assign it to the history books. Viewing the subject from a genderqueer perspective to allow for a more relevant reading for 2020.

Little Boi is all grown up and has nowhere to go. As Nuclear Armageddon approaches join me on a sensory exploration into the nature of fear and hope.

Nuclear tides is a response to my current research on the area of nuclear tech, it has been informed by a summer camp with Eastside Projects and a residency with Asylum gallery. The initial version of the show was performed at the Midlands Arts Center in the winter of 2019.

Come in out of the harsh cold of a Nuclear Winter to help me celebrate the end of the world.