Land HO!

In August 2017 I curated an exhibition about Riot Grrrl called Dig me out of the woods! The link above is film of the piece I made for the exhibition, it was an installation involving Clothing and patches influenced by Slut-walks and free Pussy Riot. Below is my page as curator from the exhibition fanzine.                                 

Dig yourself out!

YES I have a penis. YES I’m curating a show about Riot Grrrl a movement formed when I was about 7. YES I’m proud to call myself a Riot Grrrl. Sleater-Kinney came into my life thanks to Fiona Shaw (exhibiting artist) I went to Uni after narrowly avoiding becoming a monk but still a sheltered Christian. By the time I left I was a Bi sexual transvestite on the way to eventually identifying as transgender. Riot Grrrl was vital to me surviving. Before then I effectively had no musical refences, I’d kinda heard of the Beatles. I still have huge gaps in my cultural knowledge. As I started to explore my sexuality gay music left me cold, it didn’t feel real or have much to say to me. The moment I heard ‘The Last Song’ on Sleater-Kinney’s first album I was hooked. It spoke about real life and real emotions not parodies or cotton wool rehashes. The Woods soon came out and I can remember listening to it on repeat for the best part of year. Yearning to be a modern girl. Fiona took me to see them before they split and dragged me to the front we danced badly, drank and screamed along.

I found somewhere I belonged.