Hail the queen of the May!

Hail the Queen of the May! A collaboration with Vicky Roden the event was based around our combined memories of mayday. The seminal film The Wicker Man was the main inspiration for us both. Roden having been a pagan and myself formally a christian it was interesting to see what differences and overlaps we had. The harvest was the main combining force.

The event acted as an introduction to GESTALTS residency programme at the WIG. Kicking off on May 2nd with Kate Spence (Co-Founder of HFWAS & Assosiate Curator for Vivid Projects) https://katespenceliveart.com/

Kate’s resiency will run untill mid June then followed by Grasslands founder Dan Auluk. http://www.danauluk.co.uk/ JUne 12th – July 30th