Dr Caloshistic

August 2016

The third show of the Minervala Market is fast approaching! A stranger has negotiated his way beyond the gates of Minervala. Going by the title of Dr Caloshistic, this traveller has appointed himself head of our bar. So come in for a free consultation from within the Cabinet of Dr. Caloshistic.


The Clamp Handed Lizard


Clamp Handed Lizard was the result of a residency at the Wig gallery Birmingham during January 2015. The gallery was reshaped and transformed into a fictional queer bar which opened for a single night.


Performance artists were invited to use the night for trialling experimental work. All of which was presided over by Hilderguard (a performance character) who acted as a Madame interacting with the other performances.

Visitors were encouraged to drag up for the occasion, make up stations and costume boxes were provided for those who wished to try it. Traditional pub games including the bars own version of chess were laid on.

The history of the bar was written down among several hundred individual flyers. This now remains as a permanent work; exhibitors are encouraged to add or swap flyers.