Blessed Be the YETI

The basic premise to Blessed Be The YETI is that the Yeti sighted in the Himalayas are real however they believe that Brian Blessed is a mythical creature and bringer of avalanches. Some Yeti remember him as a story from their childhood whereas others worship him as a god but none have any tangible evidence of ‘The Blessed’.

The project will explore Faith, trust, myths and hero’s and the effect time has on these. When I was younger I almost became a monk, and am interested in what mythical support structures (religion etc.) the Yeti would build up around ‘The Blessed’. Exploring other people’s view of faith (as the belief in the unprovable) and why people still have a need to believe in modern myths.

People are not totally rational but rather superstitious and emotional, they also invest their faith outside of traditional settings such as church, mosque etc. The recent resurgence of the superhero as a personal talisman is one form this modern faith has. Another is the rise of Donald Trump he tells the world ‘alternative facts’ and people believe in him in-spite of the evidence, why? Faith.