Ashes to Ashes

Review by Emily Scarrott

Is Mother Proud of Little Boy Today?


This exhibition is supported by the arts council,

Ashes to Ashes

A solo exhibition exploring how people outside of the white, cis male category survive in a post Brexit, post-apocalyptic world. With supporting performances aimed at LGBTQ+ and BAME audiences Ashes to Ashes is open every Wednesday to Saturday from 01/09/18 – 15/09/18, 12.00 – 16.00 each day. The audience is invited to engage in discussion about a variety of issues as the artist creates and add crystals to the exhibition, with each day culminating in experimental filming.


Ashes to Ashes is a provocative visual exhibition containing future minerals – sculptural pieces exploring how pollution and nuclear fallout might evolve and mutate geology – made by combining crystal growth, drag make-up, bottle caps and other waste and exploring how environmental waste may survive and adapt post nuclear war. A life-sized replica shell of first atomic bomb ‘Little Boy’ (now retitled Little Boi) hangs in the middle of the gallery, dominating the space and being utilized during performances alongside a visually rickety hut dedicated to the fostering of discussion and manufacture of future minerals. An accompanying film documents the creative process while the gallery windows are also altered, covered with coloured film. While open to the public this filters the sunlight, allowing daylight to directly alter the work. At night this becomes a glowing, ominous beacon.


Visitors can join in 2 STEAM family friendly workshops, Crystal Growing and Build A Little Little Boi.

There are 2 performances, 31st August (opening night) and 7th Sep (Digbeth First Friday).


Artist Statement

I assumed bigotry was an outdated naive view consigned to history – recent events prove these fears are very much alive, so the discussion needs to begin again. Ashes to Ashes will be a safe place where discussions around bigotry and prejudice can take place. I want visitors to feel they’re part of the exhibition, engaging with work which helps others. A platform for the discussion on how we live together and how non “white cis males” survive & thrive in the future.

Ashes to Ashes extrapolates out from the pessimistic premise of Trump and Brexit defining our shared future and looks to test survival techniques for this vile new world order. Focusing on how humanity can survive is a future society where the only voice allowed is that of the straight white cis male. Indulging a fascination with the fetishization of Nuclear dread. How do we survive in a world driven solely by fear and greed? Together.


Ashes to Ashes



Nuclear Hide – 2018 Installation 3m x 3m x 2m / Pallet Timber, Netting and various chemicals